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Discount packages are a huge savings (20-50%) compared to buying prints at regular price. Discount packages must be paid for on Media Day on Saturday or by filling out the online form below. Hurry – this page will close on Saturday evening August 11th.

If you order a discount package, you will still get to proof and select the photos in our proofing gallery before they are printed and sent to you.

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Prints can be ordered later at regular price from the same proofing gallery. Discount packages will not be available then.

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Don’t want to turn in a paper form on media day? Use express order online now to order photo packages, memory mates, and buttons.

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Receiving Your Photos

ALL orders this year will be processed through our online proofing gallery.A $4-8 shipping fee applies to all online orders. If you order a discount package, you’ll receive an email with a link and coupon code to redeem your photos.

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We offer a variety of unique, quality products and packages. See what discounts you can get on your photo day.

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